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5 Easy Halloween Costumes Even People Who Don't "Do Halloween" Can Do!

5 Easy Halloween Costumes Even People Who Don't "Do Halloween" Can Do!


Halloween is my all-time favorite holiday. I love everything about it, the decorations, the spooky vibes and of course, costume parties!

When I was a kid, my Mom would always go all out making our costumes from scratch. We would go down to the fabric store and pick out the sewing pattern and all the fun fabrics we wanted our costumes to be. Unfortunately, I didn’t inherit my Mom’s sewing ability, but I did inherit the desire to always DIY when I can!

So it always makes me a little sad when I hear from friends and co-workers that they and I quote, “Don’t Do Halloween.”

I’m here to prove that ANYONE can do Halloween, starting with some very easy costume ideas utilizing things you might already have in your closet! Take a look to see how I put together these no-fuss, effortlessly fun costumes below…


Classic Cat

This costume is a classic for a reason, and honestly one of the easiest you can do! Just add cat ears and a tail to an animal print shirt or dress and you’ll be ready to rawr!


Shop This Look!

Animal Print Shirt - H&M Short Sleeved Blouse
Black Denim Skirt - Asos Design
Ankle Boots - Sorel Joan of Artic Wedge
Cat Ears - Target Hyde and Eek! Boutique
Cat Tail - Target Hyde and Eek! Boutique


Graphic Tee Costume

If you’re peak lazy, you can always throw on a sweet Halloween-themed graphic tee, rock some distressed jeans and stroll into that costume party with a killer attitude and you’re all set!



Ghosted Costume

With a snap of your fingers and a few Halloween basics, you can transform your look into a modern take on classic ghost costume. Long gone are the days where we just throw a sheet over a head. Instead, just throw on a spooky tee, some comfy leggings and strut through the door.

If you REALLY want to take this costume to heart, you could just ghost from the party all together - ha!


Shop This Look!

Future Ghost Tee - Creepy Company
Stripe Leggings - Michaels Women’s Leggings
Stripe Arm Bands - Party City Arm Warmers
Headband - Forever 21 Woven Twisted Headwrap
Giant Pom Pom Earrings - Ashley Mary pom earrings


Bad to the Bone Skeleton Costume

There are so many variations of skeleton costumes, you really can’t go wrong! In true easy costume fashion, I chose to skip painting my face because that’s really where the bulk of your time goes. There are also certain situations where you can’t have your face covered (like at school or a work party) so instead opt for a smokey eye and dark lip to get the point across.


Shop This Look!

Skeleton Leggings - Dolls Kill Purple Skeleton X-Ray Leggings
Skull Mask - Party City Horror Mask
Skeleton Sweater - H&M Skeleton Sweater
Chunky Boots - Dolls Kill Demonia Technopagan Boots


Lydia Deetz Costume

Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice! Who wouldn’t want to be the quintessential goth queen, Miss Deetz herself?! Accomplishing this look is simple. Take your favorite little black dress, add some lacy tights and separate your bangs into spikes. No bangs? No problem! Just throw your hair up in a big teased pony tail and you’re good to go.


Shop This Look!

Black Dress - ASOS Design LBD
Blazer - H&M Black Jacket
Black Fedora - H&M Felted Hat
Choker Necklace - Forever 21 Faux Suede Choker
Lace Tights - Forever 21 Crochet Lace Tights
Black Shoes - ASOS Design black flats
Instax Camera - Instax Mini 90


There you have it my pretties! 5 Easy, No-Excuse costumes you can totally pull off this Halloween season.

Which one of these costumes will you try?

Let me know in the comments below!

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