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We Went Back in Time at the Minnesota Ren Fest

Don’t get me wrong, I too enjoy the Minnesota State Fair. Hell, I even wrote my own post about it. But I must say, I much prefer the Minnesota Renaissance Festival. Maybe it’s partially because you get to dress up as little or as a fully committed to Jon Snow as your little heart desires and no one bats an eye. Or maybe I just like all the yelling of “Hazzah!” as mead is poured into my wooden mug and actors frolic past in faerie wings throwing glitter in the air.

I Attended My First Ever Crawfish Boil and it Was Everything

When you think of Minnesota, I doubt the first thought that comes to your mind is a crawfish boil. Typically our backyard parties consist of burgers, hotdogs and corn on the grill, like the rest of the Midwest.

But my friends, who are not to be stopped, decided they are going to break all of those stereotypes and refuse to be put into a box of food conformity. And let me tell you, I am here for it.