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What's In My Camera Bag

I have a few solutions for bringing camera gear with me, depending on the situation. If I’m just going out for the day around town, I pop on the smallest lens I have and throw my camera inside my purse. Or I might not even try to hide the fact I have a camera and just wear it using my cross-body strap. 

However, If I have more time on my hands, like say, a road trip, for example, I will bring everything I have! It’s so nice to house all of my gear in one spot. It makes it easier to stay organized, find what I need and get out and shoot! 

Explore Minnesota's North Shore

I have met several Minnesota natives who have never even been to Duluth, let alone see all of what the North Shore has to offer! So look no further friends. I’ve put together a list of what to pack, where we stayed and my favorite must-see things to do on your trip up north to take the guess work out of your travel planning!

A Week in Key West is Best

Ryan and I have been on a lot of trips together, but going to a warm destination was a first for us. He’s a Northerner, through and through. So for him, going anywhere hot is pretty much the last place he wants to go. But we were both pleasantly surprised by how much we enjoyed Key West!

We had an excellent trip, and I want to share with you everything we did so you have an idea of what adventures you can find if you ever make a journey down to the Southernmost Point yourself!

The Oak Center General Store is Unlike Anything You've Ever Seen

A few weeks ago, a buddy of mine told me about this amazingly bizarre, organic shop and music venue he went to in seemingly the middle-of nowhere, Minnesota. Naturally, my curiosity was sparked when he began to describe all of the quirks and wonders to be found inside this old General Store, like the ancient cash register, glass mason jars filled with goods and the music venue upstairs, and I knew I had to go check this place out for myself.